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My Brother and His Camera

My little brother – who happens to be six feet, eight inches and five years younger than me…but hey he’ll always be my little brother – is dabbling into photography.  I love pictures! I love looking at pictures. I love being photographed as well (I like the element of surprise when you see the finished product). So, the last time he visited home (he’s a full-time Army man) we spent an evening taking pictures. Here are a few…

DSC_4647 (2)

DSC_4646 (2)

DSC_4694 (2)

DSC_4645 (2)

There are plenty of other pictures…follow him on Instagram @kixxcam.

Peace and Love


No Hair, Don’t Care

IMG_6-3159382308-OBack in February, I had the idea to do a photo shoot with my new bald head.  I shaved my head at the end of January.  By then, I had two chemotherapy treatments under my belt and I couldn’t stand seeing the clumps of hair that would fall whenever I simply scratched my head. So, I decided to get rid of my thick and curly tresses.

I spassed out a couple of times after the big shave.  This was surprising since I had experienced losing all of my hair during the first cancer diagnosis in 2010. Nevertheless, I had a moment…or two. I don’t have any bald pictures from the first diagnoses. I have a couple of pictures of my short boy cut but none where I’m bald or almost bald.

So after losing my hair this time around, I decided that I wanted to take pictures in a pretty dress. And I did just that. My friend Niguel – who is an awesome photographer AND also shot my wedding – took a few pictures of me. On a crisp March afternoon, I had photo shoot time with Niguel and his sweet wife, Kristen. Here are a few of my favorites…






Thank you Niguel for the beautiful pictures! You rock! Check out more of Niguel’s work at niguelvalley.com.

Peace and Love