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It’s Baby Time

Well 40 weeks have come and gone…I’m at week 40, day two and our baby girl has still not made her grand entrance into this big ‘ole world. Maybe she’s a little shy? Or maybe she’s just a little too comfy in my tummy. Whatever it is – I hope that she’ll decide to join us soon!

I’m so looking forward to seeing her sweet little face. I’ve tried just about everything on the natural induction list to prod her along – not quite sure it’s working.  She’s already proving to be a very persistent kiddo…I’ll let her have her moment.

God has been good to us both! My entire pregnancy has been an awesome experience. I’m so grateful that I get to be Faith’s mom. We’ve had an outpouring of love and support from many friends and our family. I’d like to publically thank everyone for their prayers, gifts, words of encouragement and help during this pregnancy.  I am thankful for you all!

In March, Kevan and I had the opportunity to take maternity photos with our favorite photographer – Niguel Valley. Here are a few of my favorite shots…

Maternity Photography

Photos by Niguel Valley

Maternity Photography Maternity Photography Maternity Photography Maternity Photography

Photos by Niguel Valley

We’ll have a little person in the house in the next few days. I can’t wait to introduce her here!

Peace and Love