Hope and Faith

IMG_22-3159383645-OI often have lots that I would like to say and share but I rarely take the time to do so.  Kudos to all of the professional bloggers in the world!  Clearly you have to be dedicated, organized and disciplined to consistently write and post – I’m working on it (smile).

Over the last few months, I’ve been busy living. Which I hope you’ve all been doing as well! Update on my health, I am doing extremely well.  Thank you Jesus! *doing my praise dance* My doctor took me off of the chemotherapy drug – taxotere – back in March. Since then, I’ve been taking two targeted therapy intravenous drugs – perjeta (pertuzumab) and herceptin (trastuzumab).  My body is responding well to both. All of the cancer activity is continuing to decrease. God is so good!

I would like to encourage everyone out there that may be currently receiving cancer treatment to stay strong and hopeful!  My faith in God is the reason why I can smile and live during this whole experience.  You see, I believe that God heals.  I’m a Christian and therefore I believe that by Jesus’ wounds, I have been healed (1 Peter 2:24).  I didn’t grow up knowing much about God’s healing power. In fact, it was rarely emphasized in the church that I attended. Miracles and healings aren’t limited to biblical times. God heals and does the supernatural TODAY!

I believe that no obstacle I face is too big for God. I also believe that He can do the impossible.  So when I come across well intentioned cancer bloggers sharing their frustration with having to live with cancer for the rest of their life – I am saddened.  Saddened to know there are many people who are still lost without Christ and that there are many Christians who do not believe that God heals or desires for us to be healed.  Jesus came so that we may have life and have life more abundantly.  God never ever wants His children to be ill and without hope.

Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer does not have me – God does!  My life is in His hands. I am healed. I am whole.  No cancerous tumors can live in my body.  I will live a long and cancer free life.  And even if the doctor’s report does not reflect this – I will continue to believe and say it! (Death and life are in the power of the tongue. – Proverbs 18:21).  I invite you to believe. I invite you to let Jesus into your life.  Let Him do for you what you could never do for yourself….be hopeful…and keep the faith.

Peace and Love


P.S. If you ever want to know more about Jesus and healing – let’s connect …email me at 20somethingsurvivor@gmail.com.


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