Advice to 20 Year Old Me


Me at age 21 during college on The Hill

One of my best friends re-posted a hilarious (the gifs put it over the top) article on Facebook titled 29 Awesome Things About Being 29 (if you’re 29…you can probably relate to a few items on this list). I’m in the last days of my 20s – yay me! Friday will mark my 30th year of life in this big ‘ole world. Yep, I’m excited about turning 30… can’t believe a decade has passed. Geesh it goes by fast!

Well with all of that being said I guess I’ll do the whole “What would the 29 year old self tell the 20 year old self” post. So hold on, give me a second, this is my time for reflection. Reflection is good (smile).

To the 20 year old me…

Keep Christ at the center of every area of your life. You’ve been a believer the majority of your life – way before you were baptized at the age of 16. Be on fire for Christ! Don’t be a lukewarm Christian! Don’t wait until your world turns upside down to run to Jesus.  He longs for a relationship with you.

You are strong.  After you are diagnosed with cancer, your life will never be the same. But life isn’t over – it’s just beginning.  You will be healed and restored. God has good plans for your life. Trust Him. He is still in control.

Date with a purpose. That purpose should be marriage. So if you do not want to be married – don’t date – I’m just saying. You’ll kiss a lot of frogs and won’t marry your prince until your 29. Ewww!  Don’t waste your time on those lame men! Totally don’t date any of them (or anyone else). Enjoy being single and do your own thing until you meet your husband.

Just say no to credit cards/loans. Yes. This is high on the list. No debt = freedom. Cash rules the world! Use cash from this day forward. End of story. Period.

Travel more.  You’ve been to many places. So maybe I should be more specific…

Travel internationally. You’ve never been out of the states but crossing the pond is going to be way cool. You have a long list of places to see and experience. Go for it!

Broaden your circle of friends. Your friends don’t have to look like you. Sound like you. Grow up similar to how you did. Step outside of that imaginary, limiting box.

Treat your body well. Proper rest, nutrition and exercise will carry you a long way.  I know you still won’t grasp this concept until you’re 25! 

Be bold and take a risk. Start that blog. Start that business. Go to dinner by yourself. Cut your hair off…you get the picture.

Love your family and friends. A good friend is hard to find so treat her well. Family is family. You’re fortunate to have an awesome family so thank God for them and keep on loving them.

Be happy. No need to waste time and energy being angry at the world. Remember happiness and peace comes from within.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Please share.

Peace and Love


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