Moderation and Self Control

Array of Cream Filled CupcakesAhhhh moderation. Moderation in our nutrition world is the word used to justify drinking only one soda a day – instead of the four that you used to drink. Or eating three slices of your favorite meat lovers pizza for lunch instead of five. Oh the struggle!

I’m quite sure the warning “eat in moderation” does not translate to eat this once a day or eat this every other day. It can be a constant battle to say no to those tasty, salty, sugary, fatty foods. Let’s face the facts, we know for certain that sugary and salty foods are highly addictive. I won’t go into a long rant on how the food industry is more concerned about making a dollar than the clogging of my arteries. But I’m certain they would prefer that I eat their potato chips for an afternoon snack instead of a banana.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, it takes everything in me to walk away from all of the awesome feel good comfort foods! But deep down I know that eating in moderation means maybe one serving, once a week. Or perhaps, limit eating that food to once a month!

By no means should I have to permanently give up Popeye’s yummy fried chicken but maybe I shouldn’t eat it every Sunday for dinner. A little self-control never hurt anyone! I came across this video of one of my favorite Sesame Street characters – Cookie Monster. Have a look at this super cuteness:

If anyone knows how hard it is to control a food craving, it’s Cookie Monster! So, what’s the food that you need to eat in moderation? Do share. (My in moderation food is a cupcake – but trust there are many more).

Peace and Love


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