It’s Gettin Hot in Here

Hot flashes at the age of 29 should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. It was about this time three years ago when I began a cancer treatment combo of zoladex and tamoxifen. Shortly thereafter, that combo was reduced to just tamoxifen. For the past 2.5 years, I’ve been going strong with tamoxifen. Until recently when a couple of routine checkups revealed that my estrogen levels were increasing. Increasing to the point of being 100s over what’s normal for a woman.

Oh great, just what I wanted to hear. A lot of estrogen in my body is no bueno. The type of breast cancer I had feeds off of estrogen. My doctors have a theory of why my body is producing all of this estrogen, here’s my short take…

Tamoxifen (the drug I take daily) blocks the activity of estrogen in the breast. Because the estrogen is being blocked (which is a good thing) my brain thinks that I don’t have enough estrogen in my body. So it calls my good ‘ole ovaries to tell them that I need more estrogen in my body. So being faithful and loyal to me, my ovaries work overtime to pump more estrogen (that’s not needed) into my body. Therefore my doctors have to figure out a way for those ovaries to quit working overtime. So, the doctor orders me to get this injection of a drug called Zoladex in my belly (again). Yes in my belly (you should see the needle – if you want to call it a needle – that they shoot poke me with). Well Zoladex’s job is to shut down the ovaries and stop them from producing estrogen and its working.

So now I’m a pre-menopausal woman that has been temporarily forced to be postmenopausal. Which means hot flashes won’t leave me alone! All of the mature ladies in my office, my mom, and now me are all experiencing hot flashes at the same time. Such fun! *insert sarcasm* Well, at least I won’t have to hear people around me whine about how cold it is because we’re all in the hot flash boat together!

Do you know of or have you tried any natural and healthy remedies to forge through a hot flash? Do share.

Peace and Love


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