10 Things That Make Me Happy

Often times we dwell on everything that’s going wrong in our lives.  We’ll complain to anyone and everyone we cross about all that’s currently making us miserable.  Maybe it’s the inconsiderate neighbor who thinks its okay for their dog to relieve himself in your front yard…maybe it’s the unsatisfactory job that you’ve been stuck with for the past three years…or maybe it’s an annoying family member who feels the need to involve you in their day-to-day drama.  Whatever it is, negativity can put a damper on your spirit and influence your attitude.

I thought I’d share 10 Things That Make Me Happy.  I encourage everyone to stop and smell the roses (cliché I know). Try to remember all of the great things that make you smile instead of dwelling on the small things that distract you from truly living life.  So here it goes…

10 Things That Make Me Happy –

Much needed uninterrupted naps

I love a good nap. Nap time is the best when there are no phones ringing in the background, no scheduled plans after the nap concludes, no work/family/social/school commitments to worry about or to make you feel guilty for taking a nap. A comfy pillow, a blanket to snuggle under, and a couch to stretch out on can make a just okay afternoon really great.

Family time

My family is the best!  I feel so bad for folks who experience life without a loving and supportive family.  Whether we’re sitting around doing nothing or whether we’re on vacation, my family manages to have a great time whenever we’re together.

Great music

Did you know that I’m somewhat of a music connoisseur?  Nah, not really. But I do love music and whenever I hear a good tune, singing, finger snapping, and hand clapping just may ensue.

I’m also a former band nerd.  Yep. Just in case you didn’t know, I played violin and was a member of my school orchestra in the fourth, fifth, and six grades.  I began to play the alto saxophone in the seventh grade.  I stuck with that until I graduated high school.  I even had a stint as a baritone saxophone player in high school.  And would you ever believe that I was drum major during my junior and senior high band days?  Yep, I sure was.  So, I can appreciate the talent required for an individual to pick up a musical instrument and produce good music.

A good book

Ahhh, many a good book has kept me home on a Friday night.  Seriously, I’m a known bookworm. Once I begin to read a good book then it’s hard for me to put it down until it’s finished.  So don’t be offended if I choose a good book over dinner with you…food and you can wait.

Warm sunny days

I live in the South.  Sometimes our summers can get a little toasty.  I love the period of time before summer really takes over and becomes overbearingly hot and humid.  It’s a great time to explore the city, ride a bike or just have a lazy day outside.

New shoes

Isn’t this typical for a woman?  I’ve met a few women who are not shoe fanatics but I can count them on one hand.  I love new shoes…especially when I get a good deal for them.  If you snoop through my apartment then you’ll more than likely find at least three pairs of shoes in each closet….actually that’s an understatement. Probably more like ten pairs of shoes in each closet!  Yeah, I’m a shoe freak…what are you gonna do about it?

Delicious food

I’m relatively slim. In fact, I’ve been called skinny on numerous occasions.  Some people have even questioned whether I eat at all.  The answer to that question is yes ma’am and sir, I do.  Close friends and family know all too well that I do not play around with my food!  I love to eat. Always have. Probably always will. When I was a little girl, the running joke in my family was that my stomach was a bottomless pit.  Enjoying a well prepared delicious meal makes me all happy and warm inside.

Great friends

I have some kick-butt friends!  They’re funny, loyal, encouraging, smart, and all around good people.  I mean come on are there any other types of people that you should surround yourself around?

Hugs from my nephew

Look at that face up there…who on earth wouldn’t smile after he gives you a hug?!?

Being alive

We all know what is the alternative to being alive…to have the opportunity to laugh, love, make mistakes, learn from mistakes, enjoy the simple things and share your life with great people are surely things that can make a person happy.

What makes your heart happy?  Who or what makes you smile? Please share.

Peace and Love


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