Morning Funnies

Cartoon by Ed Fischer

If you know me then you know that I am an awful morning person. And when I say awful, I mean awful. I’m sluggish, sometimes grouchy, and often incoherent. I’ve been like this since junior high school so I don’t think there is hope that I’ll get any better.  

I loathe early morning meetings…by early morning, I’m talking any time before 10 a.m. Every Monday morning we have staff meetings in my office because we love to meet around here (insert sarcasm).  Monday morning meetings are to discuss our itinerary for the week and share what we accomplished the previous week.  The killer thing to me is that we have to pass this itinerary on to the administrative assistant (that’s a secretary for everyone who prefers the non-elaborate title that people now create for occupations that have existed for decades) who in turn combines everyone’s itinerary for the week in one document and emails that document to everyone in the office. So, why have a meeting? Can’t we just read the document once it arrives in our inbox? I think these meetings are some weird protocol/tradition that our organization just cannot shake so we continue to meet and will always meet…from now until forever.  

Anywho, enough of my rants, if I get a chance to laugh in the morning then that really makes me happy.  I ran across a video of one of my favorite celebrities, Kanye West, this morning. I know many people can’t stand his arrogance and insensitive behavior but hey he’s human too.  We all have flaws.  He’s good at what he does…music.  He’s also good at acting like an ass…excuse my French (that wasn’t French at all)…he’s also good at acting like a donkey.  Sadly, I find his temper tantrums and rants highly entertaining. 

Recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live,  Josh Groban sang tweets posted by Kanye West. It was absolutely hilarious! I’m so close to creating a Twitter account just so I can follow Kanye.  Here is the video…if you keep up with Kanye this will probably hurt your funny bone. 

What’s your favorite Kanye West fiasco? Are you on Twitter? Why should I join Twitter? Sell it. 

Peace and Love


4 thoughts on “Morning Funnies

  1. heh. This amused me because I just finished writing about how much I love the early mornings.

    Kanye’s one of my favourites too – the guy’s definitely arrogant, but highly amusing and that’s good enough for me most days!


    • I wish I could re-program my body to be a better morning person. My boyfriend has committed to helping me become better by giving me a wake-up call ten minutes after the initial time I’ve set my alarm clock…today was the first day of his committment. Lets see how long he’ll keep it up ; )


  2. Okay, this was funny! Selling you on Twitter… It is THE BEST! I get all my news, and happenings before it hits traditional sources. If I can’t make a conference, gathering, or workshop, I just follow the tweets, and it’s as if I were there! What did we ever do before social media!


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