Still Standing

I’m slowly winding down my treatments. I began radiation therapy at the beginning of November.  It has been a very painless process.  Thank God!  The only thing that I’ve been overly concerned with during my treatments is skin burns.

I was warned that the area where I am being treated during therapy may darken.  That has happened. In addition, there may be some burning of the skin. Similar to what happens when you play in the sun without sunscreen.  You get a what?…Sunburn.

I’m doing pretty well.  I have a few burns.  My surgical oncologist told me to make them stop giving me therapy if I begin to burn.  I’m so close to finishing treatments that I don’t want to stop! Sad I know. But it’s almost over.  Today is my last day…woo-hoo! No more going to radiation everyday to have someone touch all over your boobs.

I think my oncologist knows that I can be passive at times so she made sure to call the radiation oncologist and let her know the deal.  She’s a pistol of a doctor! I definitely appreciate how she goes the extra mile to make sure I’m being treated properly.

I know this treatment will make sure that the cancer will never return.  But it’s pretty embarrassing when you walk in the room for your radiation treatment and one of your therapists for the day is a young and very attractive man.  Geesh! Can I have old and ugly please?  I guess he saw it in my eyes that I was mortified about him seeing me topless.  So he stepped back and let his partner for the day, a female therapist, do all of the touchy feely parts of the treatment.

CARTI patients receive two complimentary massages while they’re receiving treatment.  I went for my first massage, ever, Friday after work.  It was pretty great!  I think massages are going to be a bi-monthly requirement for me now.  I’m going back today and I’m pretty sure before I walk out of the door, I’ll be scheduling a follow-up appointment.

So tell me. Do you have any embarrassing doctor’s office stories? I know I’m not the only one. Also, have you ever received a massage? Did you enjoy it? How do you relax? Please share.

Peace and Love


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