Thank You For Being A Friend

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’m an Oprah fan.  Love her!  She’s pretty freakin awesome.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that this is her last season to host her famous Oprah talk show.  Twenty five years of Oprah.  She’s been on the tube since I was a baby.  I’ve grown up watching Oprah talking about something.

Anywho, Oprah sat down with Barbara Walters recently for an interview.  They talked about her success as a talk show host.  Her new baby – The Oprah Winfrey Network.  Her difficult childhood.  Her charitable works.  Her relationship with her longtime beau, Stedman. Her struggle with her weight.  Her not having children.  And the tear jerker – her relationship with her best friend, Gayle King.

She addressed the rumors about her and Gayle being lesbian lovers.  I’ve never heard this rumor before but apparently people have been obsessed with the relationship they share for years now.  Oprah set the record straight…good for her!  Here’s Oprah discussing her bestie, Gayle (tears fall around the 2:50 mark)…

I guess its taboo for a celebrity to have a meaningful, loving, long lasting, and genuine friendship.  Shoot, it’s somewhat taboo for an everyday regular person to have that kind of a friendship!  I feel bad for folks who have fair-weather friends. There are several people that I call friend.  However, I have three best friends that are absolutely the bomb (yeap, I said the bomb…I know, blast from the past).

One is a childhood friend.  We’ve been hanging tough since the eighth grade.  Even though we’re states away from each other, we’ve found a way to maintain our friendship.  We’ve celebrated life’s milestones.  We’ve also comforted one another during life’s trials.  She has an old soul and the ability to challenge your thought process in a nonabrasive manner. We’ve seen each other blossom into loving and well-rounded women.

The other two are college friends.  The really neat thing about them is that each one of us calls the other two best friends.  One was my college roommate.  We roomed together when we lived on campus in a small old cinderblock dormitory room.  We moved off campus our sophomore year to a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment.  We had so much fun at our place! Southmont D-30…the name of our apartment complex and our apartment number.  We threw impromptu dinners, card parties and fish frys on a regular.  We were also the place you’d stop by to have an adult beverage before heading to a party or out on the town with friends. O, the memories! 

After college, when I moved away to start my first real job my best friend admitted that she cried because she would no longer see me or talk to me everyday like we had grown accustomed to doing for so many years.  We’re such softies! We’ve shared many tears with one another…both good and bad.  She gives the best advice and never ever judges me. Ever.

My third best friend is actually a year younger than me.  It started as a big sister, little sister relationship and progressed from there.  She is effortlessly funny, hard working, and addicted to fun times.  She is a true caregiver.  I used to worry that people may take advantage of her niceness but I’ve seen her handle her own.  She’s no doormat!  A couple of years ago she moved across the country.  It nearly broke my heart.  But she’s back home now and I couldn’t be happier for her…or me.

I would give any one of these ladies a kidney, pinky toe, or my last dollar if they asked.  So you see it is possible to have the type of friendship that Oprah and Gayle share.  I understand how Oprah could be moved to tears by just thinking about how great of a friend Gayle has been over the years.  I also share the same sentiment with Oprah that my best friends have never heard me say how their friendship has had such a resounding impact on my life and how grateful I am that God has allowed such awesome women to be a part of my life.

So to Kelli, Latoya, and Kara, I love y’all like a fat kid loves cake! (You know I wasn’t going to end this post all sappy and emotional).

Tell me about your best friend(s). How freakin awesome is she/he?

Peace and Love


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