Election Day 2010

Election 2010 has passed…and just as predicted the Republicans swept the country.  Lots of changes…lots of people will be packing their boxes and heading home at the end of the year.  Where I live, residents elected a republican for U.S. senator (the second since reconstruction).  Quite interesting considering that one in four families in this state lives in poverty and we rank third for child poverty.  I think this election was all about those that have, those that have not, fear and ignorance.

Those that have seem to not give a hoot about those that do not.  As long as no one touches their money or interferes with them making more money they are cool.  Mention using some of their money (taxes) to help those that are less fortunate and you’re guaranteed uproar.  Despite the fact that these people are Bible toting “Christians.”  I guess they skip right over the scripture that says something like “When you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me.” I’m thinking that can be found in Matthew 25:40 but hey maybe it isn’t the Bible they’re toting after all.

People are so scary. Yes we do live in a scary world but geesh every crazy storyline in the National Enquirer should not dictate your beliefs or behavior.  I hate to hear all of the conspiracy theories that folks believe President Obama is masterminding.  Usually this is all fueled by the 24/7 media frenzy or journalists (are they even classified as journalists these days?) who have no new news to share or are adamant about discrediting the President.

Sheer ignorance is the ruler of the world.  Seriously with information one click away, why do we remain ignorant?  Educate yourself! Know what’s going on with our government.  I really wish government officials and politicians would be more simplistic.  All of the jargon totally confuses a lot of people. And I’m sorry to say that Americans are not that bright.  So, please dummy it down so folks can see the light!

I imagine the next two years will be full of bickering between the parties.  More anger and attitude directed at the President.  A lot of time wasted.  A lot of work not being completed because grown folks will be too busy teasing one another and participating in juvenile playground antics that will hinder them in actually making progress.

Enough of my rants…my party didn’t win yesterday. Yes, TheRentIsTooDamnHigh party suffered a lost.  But hey I bet Mr. McMillan is getting his rent paid…especially since his new video is circulating all over the internets and the catchy jingle can even be downloaded on iTunes. Check-out Mr. McMillan the martial artist, former New York governor candidate, renter and now over-night celebrity.

What are your thoughts about Election Day 2010 results?

Peace and Love


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