Just A Fly Love Song

Guess who’s going to be in town next week?!? COMMON! I’ve seen him live before and he definitely knows how to rock the house.  He’s been my celebrity crush for a while now.  I’ve never been the type to get all hysterical about a celebrity (not since I was a teen and followed all of the short lived boy groups of the moment) but Common he makes me some kind of way.

He’ll be at a hip-hop lecture series called BlessTheMic at a local college on Tuesday.  I’ve been to a lot of lectures there…usually dragging in late after leaving the office…but I will be there on time next week.  Better yet I will be early. I can’t miss my photo opt with my boo!

Here’s a cute video of Common featuring Mary J. Blige –

Dang you Serena Williams! You and your on-again, off-again relationship with Common…so jealous.

Peace and Love


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