Real or Fake?

I’ve seen some pretty cute breast cancer awareness t-shirts floating around the city and the internets (yes I said internets intentionally).  I love them all and I would like to have one of each (size adult medium, puhleaze). One of my favorites is to the left.  I so need that t-shirt!

When planning for my surgery, I opted for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.  A bilateral mastectomy removes both breasts and the majority of the breast tissue leaving the skin so that an implant may be used during reconstruction of the breast.  I struggled, a little, with selecting this procedure.  I think I was scared of what the end result would look like, how I’d adjust to having implants and maintenance in the future (yes maintenance because they can leak and deflate…bummer). 

In the end, because of having a higher risk of cancer returning, I chose the bilateral mastectomy to remove as much of the breast tissue from my body as possible.  In addition, I got new breasts.  No they’re not double d’s!  I’m the same size as I was before so it appears as though nothing’s changed.  I’m not 100 percent recovered from my surgery but I’m getting there and I’m happy with the decision that I made.

For any woman (or man) that has been recently diagnosed, I encourage you to research and thoroughly consider all options before making a final decision.  It can be difficult and I imagine that you may be bombarded with many different opinions and a ton of information.  However, in the end it’s your body, your health and your future.  Be proactive and I promise that you’ll be confident and at peace with your decision.

Peace and Love


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