Race for the Cure

Last year's race...my great aunt is a survivor

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is just around the corner. I would love love love if you would give a donation to support the cause.  I’m including the link where you can learn more about the race and donate to my fundraising goal.  But first…here are some facts about young women and breast cancer from www.youngsurvival.org.

Young women under age 45 can and do develop breast cancer. In the U.S. about 10 percent of all breast cancer occurs in women under age 45.

24,000 women in the U.S. under age 45 are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year…More than 3,000 will die.

There is no effective breast cancer screening tool for women 40 and under.

Young women are often diagnosed at a later stage than their older counterparts.

There is very little research focused on issues unique to this younger population, such as fertility, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, the impact of hormonal status on the effectiveness of treatment, psycho-social and long-term survivorship issues and higher mortality rates for young women, particularly for African-Americans and Latinas.

As the incidence of young women with breast cancer is much lower than in older women, young women are underrepresented in many research studies.

Here’s the link to my race page…


No donation  is too small for the cause…thanks for your support.

Peace and Love


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