Oooh I love my hair!  When it first started growing back, all I used to maintain it was water and a little hair oil sheen.  I’d brush it to get it to lie down and I’d have the perfect ‘do.  I couldn’t quite figure out the texture of my hair at that time. Was it curly? Or was it wavy?

Well, it’s become a bed of soft curls.  Everywhere I go it seems that people want to touch my hair.  The nurse at the Women’s Oncology Clinic…friends at social gatherings…and even nice looking men (me like me like). 

For a while I wasn’t putting anything on my hair.  I noticed that it was getting dry and looking very dull.  Since I began chemotherapy again it’s becoming somewhat brittle as well.  I went and bought some almond oil (I was really looking for coconut oil but couldn’t find it in the store where I was shopping).  I had lots of shine and softness after washing my hair and using it.  I liked the look but I still wanted something else.

I decided to try some new products to help define my curls.  My friend told me that Target had recently started selling African American salon hair care products.  They carry Miss Jessie’s, Curls, The Jane Carter Solution and SheaMoisture.  I went to Target to check the products out.  I couldn’t decide what to get.  Plus, some of the products were a little pricey and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that didn’t work or that I didn’t like (hey, I’m a woman living on a budget).

I spoke with my best friend who’s been natural for years and she uses Miss Jessie’s.  She gave me a run-down of the various products.  She also filled me in that Miss Jessie’s offers great deals around the Christmas holiday (we’re talking buy one, get one free).  If you order directly online from you can purchase trial sizes for under $10.  I was all for it!  I purchased $31 (standard ground shipping is free when you spend a minimum of $30) worth of trial size hair care products from Miss Jessie’s recently and I received my purchase yesterday.  Here’s what I bought…

I’m sharing my before and after pictures. 

Before adding Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls…

After washing my hair with Miss Jessie’s Creme` de la curl cleansing creme and Creme` de la creme conditioner and applying Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls…

Those pictures were taken yesterday evening. This morning I dampened my hair and added more of the Quick Curls product…it’s even curlier.  Oooh, I’m loving it!

Peace and Love


3 thoughts on “HairFormation

    • Hi there, my hair is super thick & almost shoulder length (when it’s curly) not sure how long it is straightened. I’ve always had super thick hair so I’m happy that didn’t change for me 🙂


      • Ok great! I appreciate your response. I’m 6 weeks post chemo and my hair has just started growing back. It’s very soft and looks a lot like your picture so I was curious if it stayed that way or reverted back? I had thick 3c hair prior to chemo.


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