Paper Chasers

What’s your definition of success? I’ll share how Webster defines it. Success, according to Webster dictionary, is a person or thing that prospers. Well then, what level of prosperity qualifies one to be regarded as successful? I personally think prosperity and success is relative. What I equate to being successful and prosperous may be totally different from the next person.

I’ve become a little perturbed by everyone (it seems) in our society believing in this idea that one’s success is determined by the financial and material wealth that one possesses. Every time I turn on the television, drive down the street, log on to Facebook, or open a newspaper there is someone or some company advertising some side gig that will instantly triple your income. Similar to when free grilled chicken meals at KFC were offered, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon! I’m assuming that a lot of money can take you down the highway to A Great Life.

I can’t quite grasp why we are so excessive. We want more and more and more. Quickly more becomes not enough. And before you know it satisfaction is not attainable. Should we not consider those things that have no monetary value as a component of success? How about peace of mind…what about healthy and loving relationships with others…and having the ability to consistently help those less fortunate than oneself without the expectation of praise or recognition…are these legitimate factors to consider when measuring success?

Personally, I want my success on this earth to be gauged by how much I selflessly gave to others. What I did to make a positive difference. Not how many millions I have in my retirement and checking accounts, how fancy my car is, what designer name is on my purse, or how many pieces of property I own. Question: Are you living to chase the paper or are you living to make an eternal difference? Peace and Love


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