My Mom

Hooray for great mothers! My mom is absolutely the best. For two weeks after my surgery she played the role of nurse mama. She did a great job! Before surgery I thought she would be overbearing and fuss at me for doing things that I probably should not be doing while recovering. She didn’t though and I was truly happy that she was around.

She made sure I had a decent meal to eat, took my meds (on time), was resting comfortably, and that I was somewhat entertained. She left last night and I miss her already! I know she had to leave to take care of her home and get back to work but I wish she could have stayed longer.

I’m quite sure that I’ll probably never live far away from home. I consider myself a pretty adventurous and independent person but I get homesick pretty fast. The summer before my senior year of undergraduate studies, I interned at USC (University of Southern California).

I was super excited about my internship. It was to last for about five weeks. I met some really great people, explored Los Angeles, and learned more about great student activities and programs on USC’s campus. It started off okay but by the middle of the second week I was ready to go home! I would talk to my mom several times in a day (before, sometimes during, and after work).

After my internship, I knew that I probably would not move too far away from my family. And I didn’t. I live about 50 miles away from my parents. And get this….my grandparents live across the street! Yeap, I can walk to their house. I love that I’m just a hop, skip, and jump away from my fam.

Before my mom left, I told her that she could stay for as long as she wanted. It was great to have her around and to have all of her attention. As the oldest child, believe it or not, I was pretty much sent out to fend for myself. In my opinion, my parents did not hold my hand and coddle me every step of the way like they have done with my younger siblings. And for that I’m thankful. Their actions definitely helped to mold me into the responsible and hard working adult that I am today.

I cherish the love and care that only a mother can give to her child. I’m grateful to have a great mom. And one day when I grow up I hope to be a great mom too.


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