One and Two and…

I.hate.working.out. I absolutely hate it! I’d rather spend my time taking a nap, reading a book, eating, or staring at a bare beige wall. I have to give myself a pep talk before I can exercise. Sad, I know. 

Around the middle of December 2009 I began to exercise on a daily basis. I was going to the exercise center located on my apartment complex’s grounds every day after work and in the mornings during my Christmas vacation.  I figured I’d enjoy having free reign to all of the exercise machines, if only for a couple of weeks, before everyone started working on the #2 item on their New Year’s Resolution list. Yeap, working out makes #2 on everyone’s list. Right after read the Bible everyday/focus on God/go to church/you get the point. 

I was right. The first few days after the new year, the place was packed! I continued to work out. Even after my diagnosis and first chemotherapy treatments. My exercise stint ended when I was hospitalized in late February. My doc wanted me to take it easy and to not overdo it while receiving treatments. Trust, she did not receive any debate from me. I was happy to follow her orders! 

Realistically, exercising is one of the best things that we can do for our body. As a cancer patient/survivor, exercising is beneficial to overall well being.  The American College of Sports Medicine released these statements last month: 

“Cancer survivors – including those currently undergoing treatment – can experience a multitude of benefits from exercise.”

 And I should probably share this with my doc:

 “Clinicians should advise cancer survivors to avoid inactivity, even for patients with existing disease or who are undergoing difficult treatments.”

Yeah buddy, I’m back working out. As much as I hate it, I love living life much more! So, if exercising everyday will help me to be around years from now then I’ll get used to this love-hate relationship.  If you have any exercise regimens that you follow or success stories in overcoming roadblocks to exercising please share in the comment section…right down…there.


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